The top 8 things a CRM system can do for you

By | February 9, 2018

What are the main benefits your business hopes to achieve using CRM?

A 2012 survey by TechNewsWorld asked more than 500  organizations ‘What are the main benefits your firm hopes to achieve using a CRM?’ found that the benefits of CRM technology can benefit  almost any business in several different areas:

What are the main benefits your business

hopes to achieve using CRM?


In fact, it’s hard to think of another business-related technology that’s as versatile and pays as many direct benefits, as CRM.

Here’s a look at 8 ways CRM

can benefit your business:

1   Improve decision making

CRM sheds light on crucial information and business owners/ management can benefit  from detailed reports that forecast sales,  measure service  activity and track business performance .

2   Access real time data

Key data  is no longer  anchored in the office. CRM can give mobile employees instant  access to centralized, real time data  to customer histories,  pricing information, customer contracts, mail history and inventory from any location on any device .

3   Provide enhanced sales  tools

Businesses can use  CRM to drive shorter sales  cycles and improve close  rates  with software that nurtures lead and oppor-tunity  management. Organizations can also use

the technology to create workflow rules, automate sales

processes and streamline order  management .


4   Improve callcenter service


CRM technology enables employees to quickly assign, manage and resolve incidents with automated routing, queuing and escalation .

5   Identify repeat customers


CRM applications can enable call-center agents to

auto-matically  identify phone calls from past  customers, instantly recalling data  from the CRM system .  This opens up the oppor-tunity  for cross-selling and suggesting alternative products .


6   Enhance productivity


With CRM, sales  and marketing functions  can be seam- lessly integrated .  By storing key business data, users can quickly gain access and share information, helping  them boost business productivity .


7  Secure customer loyalty


Employees with detailed CRM information have  the data and processes required to know their customers, allowing them to form individualized  relationships .  This type of business to customer bonding can boost customer satisfaction and maxi-mize profits.


8   Drive marketing strategies


By accessing customer purchase history and buying behavior,  marketing teams can now tailor promotions

and target  a specific segment upsell/ upgrade customers

and increase conversion rates

As you can see, a CRM system has many great benefits which are not limited to the eight reasons above. Ultimately, a CRM system helps you to attract and retain customers. How are you doing this today and how is the technology supporting this?


Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM or mobile customer relationship management is a CRM tool designed for mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.



By connecting through mobile CRM, you allow your sales teams to access customer data through a CRM mobile app or through a web-based browser with cloud CRM.


Why mobile CRM matters


Traffic from mobile devices continues to grow and in fact, mobile traffic is growing so fast that in some  places, it has already  surpas-sed desktop traffic.


One of the key conclusions from the latest Internet Trends Report is that 25% of all internet traffic is now from mobile, which is up from 14% from last year and up from 4% in 2011.

As mobile adoption continues to grow and organizations become more flexible in work arrangements to their employees, traditional desktop applications such as

CRM are moving into the mobile space .

Users and customers both expect information to be updated in real-time, not “when you get back to the office.” And, on average, sales  teams spend more than 50% of their work day selling remo-tely. This means that your sales  force needs access to real-time information from anywhere around the world .

Mobile traffic as % of global internet traffic = Growing 1.5x

per year & likely to maintain trajectory or accelerate

Global mobile traffic as % of total internet traffic, 12/08 – 5/13 (with trendline projection to 5/15E)

30 %


25 %, 20 %, 15 %,10 % , 5 % , 0.9% , in 5/09 , 2.4% , in 5/10 , 6% , in 5/11 , 10% , in 5/12 , 15%

in 5/13 , 0 % , 12/08

12/09                 12/10                 12/11                      12/12                 12/13E              12/14E

Source: StatCounter Global Stats, 5/13. Note that PC-based internet data  bolstered by streaming.

The next generation CRM


In 2014, an IDC survey to C-suite executives identified CRM

as their “most-wanted mobile app.”

The idea of a business professional chained to a desk to read or respond to email is almost as quaint as a accountant crunching numbers using an abacus . Many business professionals these days don’t work from their desks,

per se, but they’re working while in off-site meetings or traveling on the road . This means that they rely heavily on mobile devices not only for communication, but for work .


The biggest group of road warriors is sales  executives and professionals who are mainly out in the field meeting with potential and existing customers and which creates a need for mobile CRM .

Forrester Research found that 53% of companies are piloting, rolling out or currently using smart phone applications for sales force automation .


Yet, with 53% rolling out or piloting a mobile CRM application, it leaves less than half without . In addition, organizations in Europe have been particularly slow to adopt mobile CRM with only 34% of companies having implemented a mobile CRM.


The Gartner Group predicted a growth rate of 500% in 2014

for mobile CRM, and it is tablets that are leading  the growth for mobile CRM adoption as 30% of sales  organizations have now been issued tablets as the primary device  for sales  staff.

Has your company implemented a mobile CRM?

70 , 60 , 50 , 40 , 30 , 20 , 10

Its no doubt that we are in the age of mobility

Five key benefits to implementing

mobile CRM

f you’re looking to address sales  productivity, sales  effectiveness, gain a competitive edge or reduce

the cost of sales  turnover, then mobile CRM is something for you to consider .


CRM increases sales  force productivity by an average of 14.6%

By having this information available, it will help your sales  teams for call planning and preparation and isAccess to up-to-date contact information

one of the key use cases for having a mobile CRM app . Sales teams have access to any information about  a client or potential client before they meet in person . This data could include recent email conversations, products recently  purchased and current  sales  status . Your sales  teams get to become more personal than ever before .


2    Direct information update


A mobile CRM is a great tool for adding  new leads directly into your CRM from anywhere . The sooner

you get a potential lead logged, the better the chance you have of following it up and taking action . Mobile CRM makes all this possible, by allowing employees

to instantly add new information and update

client profiles.

3    Always updated


If your sales  team visits a prospect and if something changes regarding an in-progress deal or quote,  you can change this on your mobile CRM without the need to wait until the sales  force arrives back at the office, keeping your CRM always up to date .


Sales teams often uncover key information about  a client during or after a meeting . In order to provide the best service  possible, this information needs to

be spread quickly throughout the organization, just in case the client decides to contact you or a member of your customer service  team . Things change quickly

in today’s world and you never know when something critical may happen to one of your accounts .


4    Real time reporting


Senior management can access real time sales  reports to track business results while on the move and set alerts to be informed instantly for quicker and better decision making when a new deal is closed or sales decline . Instead of quarterly reports, management now has access to up to the minute data that can result in strategies being implemented sooner, rather than later .





5    Increased sales  productivity


Another benefit of implementing a mobile CRM is providing sales  teams with access to real time customer information while out in the field.


A recent study by Nucleus Research found that mobile access to a CRM increases sales  force productivity by an average of

14.6% with a further 3 in 10 mobile CRM users reporting productivity improvement by more than 20%

Its no doubt that we have reached the mobile age.

Today, many business professionals don’t work from their desks, and instead, they’re working while in meetings or on the road. This means that they rely heavily on mobile devices not only for communication, but for work.

And with this kind of modern-day requirement, having a mobile

CRM strategy is no longer optional; it’s now a necessity.

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