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By | February 17, 2018

Why should you read “The CRM buyer’s guide”?

Good customer relationships are essential if a company wants to achieve higher revenue and faster  growth . Unfortunately,  good  customer relationships are not always a result of just pure hard work .  Companies also need enabling technologies and tools to help them to maximize the value of their customer relationships .  This is where CRM comes in .


CRM (Customer  Relationship  Management) is a philosophy and strategy that centers around building better customer relationships .  CRM software enables your business to

scale  up the process of creating those relationships .

On a broad  level, CRM software gives your business the best  possible understanding of your customer and your customer’s experience with your business from sales  to marketing to customer service .  Ultimately, with CRM, it is possible to make very smart decisions about  how to improve your business, as well as your customer relationships .

In greater detail, CRM software helps  your business to manage contact information in an organized way making it easy  to follow up on your customers and activities .

All of this information is stored in a single location which makes it easy  for the whole company to have  access to a common  view of the customer at the same time and even when on the move .


So how do you get started with CRM? This guide  is designed to answer all the questions that you have  about this topic .  It will show you what CRM is and how it can help your company .  It will show you how to select the

right system,  what to think about  when considering a CRM

vendor  and how you can measure the success of CRM .



With regards to reading this guide,  you can either  read

this from front to back or you can go straight  to the section that interests you .  Included  throughout this guide  are

some  best  practices and check  lists we have  provided

to help you to decide whether your business in ready  for CRM and how it will help you to attain your business goals . We’re sure you will find plenty of information to get you on the road to finding the best  CRM system for your needs.


What is CRM?


CRM (customer relationship management) is a company-wide business strategy designed to improve revenues and profitability, reduce costs  and increase customer loyalty.


The CRM philosophy is simple: put the customer first. When your business looks at every transaction through the eyes of the customer, you can’t help but to deliver

a better experience to your customers, which in turn, increases loyalty to your company .


True CRM software brings together all information from diffe-rent departments throughout the company to give one, holistic view of each  customer in real time .  This allows customer facing employees in areas such as sales,  marketing and customer support to make quick and informed decisions on everything from upselling and cross-selling, to improving the quality of customer communication and responsiveness to coordinating the management of sales  and marketing campaigns, just to name  a few .

Imagine that you are a sporting  goods supplier  and you want to quickly sell off this season’s size large bike shorts. Your CRM system can help you to find all customers

who have  recently  purchased large-sized clothing. You send them an email offe-ring them a 30% discount off the regular  price of the bike shorts .  You sell the shorts, the customer feels like he got a deal and that you cared enough to get in contact .


Or, let’s say that you’re a salesman for a car dealership . Your dealership has just received next year’s high end models on the showroom floor. Using your CRM system, you could find all your premium customers who have


CRM is the engine that drives customer trust and builds the customer relationship.


When implemented properly, CRM gives companies

not only insight into the opportunities to grow business with each  customer, but a way of measuring their value . Despite what you might think, not all customers are created equal .  Some  are a drain on customer service

resources despite spending very little .  Other customers do business frequently,  often buy new products and services and may even  be strong  influencers in their market.  CRM helps  to prioritize sales  and marketing efforts to this group. It also gives companies a better way of understanding customer needs and wants in order  to improve the way

the product portfolio is offered  to them.

indicated an interest in your brand’s high end  model cars in the last three  years  and invite them to a wine-tasting and a chance to see the car .


With enough information, the CRM helps  a company to know when to send customer information about  a new product or service  offering. The more you know about your customers, their buying preferences and behavior, the more likely your offer will be on target.


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