The following three examples give you a taste of how a really good customer experience can be:

United Airlines saves your seat, books a flight


New York Times best-selling author  Steven Levitt wrote an article about  how United Airlines turned him into a customer for life in a couple  ways .  Steven was running late, and unlike other  airlines, they actually saved his seat  until the last second . On another occasion, United Airlines called him and informed him that his flight was delayed by a few hours, and they saw that he was in the airport .  The call went like this:

“I see that you’re at the airport and your flight is delayed a few hours. A seat  opened up on an earlier flight, so I grabbed it for you in case you wanted it. It leaves in 40 minutes,  so you’ll have  to hurry.”

These two events, Levitt explains,  turned him into a life-long customer of United Airlines. / Source: Open Forum

2   Zappos believes in the personal touch

Martha A .  ordered a pair from the Zappos site, but had PayPal issues .  Instead of telling her that it wasn’t a Zappos problem, the Zappos customer service  representative (Brandi H .) helped her resolve the credit card issue .  When Martha told Brandi that the shoes were for her daughter who was graduating in a week, not only did Brandi wish her daughter “congratulations”, but sent  a flower arrangement with a note  from Zappos.


Martha says,” I have  never  had a business be so personal in their dealings with me .  I am totally impressed and just wanted to send you a sincere ‘thank you!’ for brightening my day and my daughter’s .” / Source: Zappos

3   Cisco helps customer  to help themselves

Cisco tries to make working with their company as easy  as possible .  Their customer experience program analyzes insights from surveys,  social media, and a core  employee listening post to identify opportunities to simplify processes and remove customer, partner,  and employee pain points .  For example, the online customer support website needed some  help, so the company streamlined processes and improved  navigation  to enable customers to solve their problems quickly .  The result

is that 81% of issues are now resolved online, which avoids 356,000 cases per month. / Source: Forrester

A part of the value in a specific product or service  is the experience that it creates. Once  the vision of a valuable  customer experience is defined,  the CRM software is what will bring it to life. With CRM, you will get to know your customers, to understand their needs and be able to respond to those needs faster  and easier

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