Here’s a look at 8 ways CRM can benefit your business

1   Improve decision making

CRM sheds light on crucial information and business owners/ management can benefit  from detailed reports that forecast sales,  measure service  activity and track business performance .

2   Access real time data

Key data  is no longer  anchored in the office. CRM can give mobile employees instant  access to centralized, real time data  to customer histories,  pricing information, customer contracts, mail history and inventory from any location on any device .

3   Provide enhanced sales  tools

Businesses can use  CRM to drive shorter sales  cycles and improve close  rates  with software that nurtures lead and oppor-tunity  management. Organizations can also use

the technology to create workflow rules, automate sales

processes and streamline order  management .

4   Improve callcenter service

CRM technology enables employees to quickly assign, manage and resolve incidents with automated routing, queuing and escalation .

5   Identify repeat customers

CRM applications can enable call-center agents to

auto-matically  identify phone calls from past  customers, instantly recalling data  from the CRM system .  This opens up the oppor-tunity  for cross-selling and suggesting alternative products .

6   Enhance productivity

With CRM, sales  and marketing functions  can be seam- lessly integrated .  By storing key business data, users can quickly gain access and share information, helping  them boost business productivity .

7  Secure customer loyalty

Employees with detailed CRM information have  the data and processes required to know their customers, allowing them to form individualized  relationships .  This type of business to customer bonding can boost customer satisfaction and maxi-mize profits.

8   Drive marketing strategies

By accessing customer purchase history and buying behavior,  marketing teams can now tailor promotions

and target  a specific segment upsell/ upgrade customers

and increase conversion rates .

As you can see, a CRM system has many great benefits which are not limited to the eight reasons above. Ultimately, a CRM system helps you to attract and retain customers. How are you doing this today and how is the technology supporting this?


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