Automates customer-facing business processes

Companies have  business-facing processes and customer

-facing processes.  Business-facing processes are those which make the business run more efficiently such as budgeting and planning. Customer-facing processes include sales,  marketing and customer service .

A CRM strategy focuses primarily on the customer-facing processes and makes them better in terms of meeting the needs of the customer .  The following chart explains

a sample what is included in each  process:







Customer service


• Customer segmentation


• Lead management


• Request management


• Campaign development


• Account management


• Service  tracking


• Campaign execution


• Pipeline management


• Escalation/prioritization


• Project/event management


• Opportunity  management


• SLA agreements


• Cross-selling and up-selling


• Account inquiries


• Activity management


The whole CRM process begins with a lead – the name  of someone you think you can sell something to .  Once  the lead is put into the system,  the software will then take it through to the sales  process .  It’s the CRM system that will remind the sales  person to call at an agreed upon  time,

for example .  Each time you interact  with the prospect, you will record it into the CRM system .  The same applies if someone else  ends up talking to the prospect .


The CRM keeps track of all actions  and what’s been said . At the same time, the CRM is a library of documents, phone calls and emails .  When an interaction with a prospect is initiated, you get an instant, automated trail of communication .  Because the information is in one central place,  anyone in the company can help this person out .

Whether  you’re in sales,  marketing or customer support,

a CRM system can help to automate a particular business process, as well as to automate the way each  process works together with the other .  But, it goes without saying that each  business process must be well defined and efficient in order  for a company to achieve good  results.


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