S I E B E L 7. 5 : A C R M P A C K A G E

Siebel Systems, Inc. as its peak had indeed launched great versions of Customer Relationship Management or CRM e-business applications. These applications which were hugely patronized by corporations and other business enterprises had been accepted internationally as well.


Amongst the various applications and packages of Siebel Systems, Inc. is the Siebel 7.5 launched in 2002. Anyhow, other Siebel applications include Siebel 7.7, Siebel 7.0, Siebel, 6.0 or Siebel 2000, Siebel 99, and Siebel 99.So what are the features of Siebel 7.5?


Siebel 7.5 provides functionality when it comes to multichannel sales, service, marketing, and partner and employee relationship management. The Siebel 7.5 contains the documented industry- specific Customer Relationship Management finest practices which are implanted in achieving Siebel 7.5’s functionality.


The so called big change for Siebel happened in Siebel 7.5 expansion, from CRM towards employee relationship management of ERM with the inclusion of analytics which is still part of a larger CRM approach.


To some extent, the support of Siebel with regard to Web services and standards-based integration has been achieved with the help of Universal Application Network. Additionally, Siebel’s support is also given in web services standards like Simple Object Access Protocol and Web Services Description Language or WSDL. Therefore, users get a more comprehensive business services and workflow processes as generated by Siebel 7.5 and the use of WSDL.


This product called Siebel 7.5 emphasizes their service analytics which include Siebel Sales for global account management. Also, product catalog, pricing changes, and improved customer order management are provided in Siebel Interactive Selling feature of the product. Lastly, budget and objective management and promotion and customer analytics are highlighted in Siebel Marketing feature.

S I E B E L V E C T O R : S I E B E L I S T H E I R C H O I C E

With the Siebel Systems efficiency and expertise in delivering industry and technology Applications for utilities and energy services, it launched the Siebel eEnergy 7.


This new application is for the purpose of serving the needs of such companies in the Industries by giving them the capability to have the power to address their needs to have Applications solely intended for sales, marketing and service.


These, along with everything else, are conspicuously for the energy services and utilities, and are meant to provide the companies with the much-needed visibility of transactions to control their business more effectively.


And in business, a company that is  transparently controlled gets to achieve the most rewards in terms of profits and growth.


With Siebel’s release of energy 7, which is a revolutionary Application for the companies in the Energy Industry, there are now more energy companies using it as a way of regulating and managing their business needs.


And among those notably present in this lineup of clients are the likes of TXU, Country Energy and Ruhrgas’ Energy Service Center.


From these three, there are also other companies like the VECTOR, which uses the Siebel as their CRM standard.


Focusing on VECTOR, the company is the owner and operator of more than one billion dollars worth of assets in the infrastructure business of Auckland, New Zealand, which is also known as the country’s largest city.


For energy concerns, VECTOR is also the biggest leading provider of electricity networks in New Zealand, and the company’s use of the Applications of Siebel is enough to say that it is the best for the job.

S I E B E L I N T E R V I E W Q U E S T I O N S : H A R D Q U E S T I O N S T O B E A N S W E R E D

Of course before one could get into a partnership with Siebel, that company would necessarily have to go through the entire and tiring process of being assessed if it really was the best company for the job.


There are interview questions on this, and while most have usually been successful in their pursuit, there are still some that failed.


Siebel, one of the best companies in their Industry and the fastest growing, will undoubtedly pick the best partner to reap the best benefits.


In fact, even though there are now so many partnerships that it is no longer viable, or at least aspires, to memorize them all, the partnerships are still growing.


To this, the rigid rules set in place are always followed to the letter, and this forces the companies, who may want to part of any partnership, to suit up to its best.


Aside from these companies, there are also people who wishes to be part of the Siebel corporate family, and they can either do this by applying for a position in it, or going through the Certification process developed for the sole purpose of getting the Siebel Certified Consultants under the program of the founder, Thomas Siebel.


And to this, such consultancy reached the number of more than 400 Certified consultants by the end of year 2000.


And take note in this, the program of Siebel Certified Consultants was first introduced in the year of 1998, making it one of the most successful Certification process ever conceived.


In this, such Certification can be very hard to get or even passed with dismal scores as it is hard, but of course there are ways to make it easier, as in the Internet are a list of questions that are known to crop out of Siebel interview question.

S I E B E L EA I: F O R I N T E G R A T I O N O F S O F T W A R E & W E B F A N A T I C S


Of course, even the best and the brightest need others to survive, and people necessarily have to depend on other people  to make their survival happen every day.


Without others for support and guidance, as well as other means, people and their companies wouldn’t thrive and grow into greatness.


This is basically the story behind the production of software, which is rarely complete in its own right, and would nearly always require the help of other software as well.


In many cases, the software itself is dependent on another for information and on processing it, along with proper storage.


Of course with all of these software jockeying for position, there has to be a mechanism that’ll infuse and integrate the various software into one to make it work into one single entity, which is composed of many different segments.


And this goal of having such mechanism seamlessly working is like Siebel EAI, whose domain puts it in deals that are promoting the integration of Siebel to other heterogeneous and homogenous Application systems alike.


The likes of these Applications are those of Java, .Net and of course, the Applications released by Siebel on other instances.


Now the mechanism EAI generally stands for Enterprise Application Integration, which is considerably one of the most challenging jobs in Siebel, but with the necessary charm that makes it interesting.


Well, the people assigned in EAI are generally the people, who just can’t get enough of Websites and other things in relation to it, and they are the people who really can’t sleep as much anymore because of the amount of work.


Work in EAI is commonly centered at the Web Services so for Web-fanatics, it’ll be the best job for them.

S I E B E L CRM O N -D E M A N D : R E L I A B L E & E X C E L L E N T F O R B U S I N E S S

One of the most common reason why Siebel CRM OnDemand is considered as the hosted solution to the improving and centralizing of the interactions of the IT customers with the company is that Siebel CRM OnDemand is able to transform and improve a sales forecast.


Now this may seem too farfetched for some, but from the point of view of many, Siebel CRM OnDemand can virtually make a logical a sales flow, and regulate marketing into well-oiled machinery.


In many cases, even the act of tracking down sales commissions can virtually create a scene of transparency in terms of employee billing.


The best company to get a Siebel CRM OnDemand solution is one that is already on the rise, as it can make the company transform in something bigger and more stable.


As like in the child, transforming the child is always  easier while still young, and disciplining a grownup is like kicking a tree.


It is the same with Business, and Siebel CRM OnDemand uses this to make an improving company improve more than it would naturally be without Siebel CRM OnDemand.


Now how does a Siebel CRM OnDemand work?


Well, it’s pretty easy, and for starters aside from the aforementioned good things about it a few sentences above, the Siebel CRM OnDemand allows any company to use with ease the Application without fear of destroying the Application from a wrong command as it has strong customizations.


It also has a lot of room for future use in expansion, and an excellent offline functionality that is unsurpassed by anyone in the IT business.


In addition to being the best in IT, Siebel CRM OnDemand also has capabilities can be deployed as soon as possible without diminishing their reliability base and easy access.

S I E B E L C E R T I F I C A T I O N : F O R C O N S U M E R S T O B E H A P P Y A B O U T


Being one of the fastest growing company in its industry, it is certainly going into places where it has never gone before, but are so unexpected and strategically important in an unseen way that it is now reaping the benefits.


Of course, there were many roads taken, and while the most important of these were partnerships, Certification is also a blooming flower in the Siebel hierarchy.


The Siebel Certified Professional Program was designed and envisioned to provide a wide standard of understanding for their Examinees.


Through this Certification process, the customers and the managers alike are empowered to provide the best objective measurement of the knowledge of consultants and analysts on Siebel and its applications.


Even the employees of Siebel are included in this, and this ensures the efficiency and capability of the employees on answering to the needs of the consumers and clients in terms of confusion in Siebel Products and on their implementation techniques.


And because of its purpose, the Siebel Certified Consultants must be able to possess core understanding of Siebel and its applications.


This can be derived through a course-based training regimen and a hands-on lab experience with Siebel’s eBusiness Applications.


This commonly includes the installation processes, data manipulation and server administration.


Of course, there is also application configuration to understand and business process automation, a common sight to see today in IT.


IN terms of sales, Siebel also provides as part of the course, the ways on how a Siebel Certified Consultant could properly support his mobile clients.

S I E B E L T O O L S : D E S I G N E D T O S U P P O R T T H E N E E D S O F T H E P U B L I C

Many would say that Siebel Systems became as prestigious and powerful as it is today because of its unparalleled partnership with other companies.


For one, because of these partnerships, Siebel is able to provide many vital application management solutions that are capable of providing visibility for actual response times for the consumers.


Second, these solutions will also permit the consumers to use Siebel Tools at relative ease.


This is because of the design of the Siebel Tools, which has been modified and created to be an integrated environment for the configuring of all aspects of applications that are found and serviced by Siebel.


In this integration, any Siebel application, released to the public for use, can be utilized as a single configuration, and be deployed to the HTML clients.


It can also be used to support languages in the nature of  Siebel’s applications, as well as the Siebel applications themselves.


Now for maintenance purposes, many say that Siebel Tools are very easy to maintain and can be expected to move automatically upwards in the Siebel Tools’ ladder through the upgrades.


For the upgrades, well, Siebel itself will provide this.


Siebel of course will release only Tools that is capable-enough to be object-oriented and be able to support Web application development.


And achieving the goals of supporting Web application development must be in the likes of supporting the customization needs of sales and marketing with ample due given to the requirements of good customer service.


These, among the many other reasons form a part of why Siebel is the fastest growing company in its industry.

S I E B E L F O U N D A T I O N : D I V E R S I F I E D A I D S E C T O R P R O V I D E R

Among the already growing number of foundations is the Siebel Foundation, which was founded on the year of 1996 by Thomas Siebel, who is the chair of First Virtual Group.


The foundation is the very active on taking aid and support to the plight of the sectors in education, health and drug prevention.


It is also notably very helpful towards the causes of wildlife and habitat preservation, its conservation, and for the support for the homeless, which when compared to other foundations it would seem to be the most generous of the lot.


Or at least it would appear to be the foundation with one of the most diverse advocacies and aid sectors, which is so unlike many of the foundations, which usually have only two to three aid sectors to help.



Now even though Thomas Siebel founded the Siebel Foundation, the Siebel Scholars Foundation, a Thomas Siebel creation, and the Dearborn Scholars Fund also created it as well.


Aside from these two, there is also a third member and that is the Meth Project Foundation, which most probably explains why there is a very large and diversified number of aid sectors it helps.


Originally, the Siebel Scholars Foundation was a  foundation that granted educational scholarships to graduate students, who have been shown to have excellent academic achievements in the past and leadership abilities.


Aside from this, Thomas Siebel is also the founder of the Meth Project Foundation, and with the merging of the three foundations he became one of the most generous philanthropist today, even surpassing the other billionaire-philanthropists.

S I E B E L D A T A B A S E : F O R S I N G L E – S E R V E R O R C L U S T E R E D

There are Siebel database processes that like any other database is treated as a collection of records or data provided in a manner that is at best structured.

This database is then stored in the computer for future use and easy preservation of the Information.

In a Siebel database, it has the unique ability to make the cost of computing into a lower margin.

Along with this, many users even claim that it is also able to improve the quality of service that it provides to the customers in terms of their grid computing needs.

This improvement in quality also translates to other relations as well, like in the case of companies, who now experience easier innovates at a faster pace.

And in terms of delivery, the industry is in leading performance in providing for the needs of the consumers on scalability, security and reliability.

The consumers, on the basis of choice, may choose a clustered server, or they may choose single-servers whether they may be running on Microsoft’s Windows, Linux or on UNIX.

Aside from this, Siebel’s database is also able to provide the end-users comprehensive features that will eventually aid them in managing the most demanding transaction processing with ease.

And of course with transaction processing a lot easier, the burden of tasks in the business intelligence and content management applications will also be lightened.

And if this was not enough, Siebel is also known for investing a lot in its database through partnerships with different companies.

It truly is, a growing industry inside the fastest growing company in its own right.

S I E B E L C O N S U L T I N G : F O R I N F O R M A T I O N O N S I E B E L

There are Siebel consulting services being offered as support for the company’s clients for planning and implementation consultations before any form of deployment phase begins.


This is highly characteristic of a Siebel service, and the  company considers it as a big boost to company prestige to provide the best form of consultancy possible.


This can be done through partnerships with other companies that have experienced consultants, who have one of the most extensive experiences working with Siebel.


Of course, these consultants must also be able to provide necessary knowledge and answers for Siebel CRM software industry- related questions.


Usually, the ones hired to be consultants are mostly people,  who have had something to do with working closely with Siebel applications and Tools in the past.


And there are many of them, and the fact is, if a consumer is unhappy with one, then transferring to another will be very easy.


Of course, the consultants will have a very wide knowledge and understanding Siebel and its applications, which is not only convenient for the consumers, but to Siebel as well as it keeps the competition low.


Now these consultants can be trusted to know a lot of Information about Siebel and the interactions that they provide between Siebel and the consumers through them is vital to both  parties.


Indeed, these consultants will be most helpful in helping the consumers think of how they could improve their situation through Siebel, and on what kind of direction should their Siebel CRM strategy be like.