Why is CRM So Important To Your Business Now?

CRM is more important now than ever to businesses because it can help you to gain new customers and retain existing ones. In today’s highly competitive environment and with so many products and services to choose from, customers are picky and customer loyalty seems to be a thing of the past .  The moment  a… Read More »

Introduction CRM

Why should you read “The CRM buyer’s guide”? Good customer relationships are essential if a company wants to achieve higher revenue and faster  growth . Unfortunately,  good  customer relationships are not always a result of just pure hard work .  Companies also need enabling technologies and tools to help them to maximize the value of… Read More »


ELECTRONIC CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT An Introduction INTRODUCTION   In the field of information systems (IS) the idea of considering the customer as an asset and a source of value is not a new one. Ives and Learmonth (1984) proposed the customer resource life cycle for use in IS, and later Ives and Mason (1990) described… Read More »

Strategy Evaluation for the Best Practice and Sector Profile (Australia)

system (1.45) and trustworthiness of the Web site (1.40). The community component of Colesonline, however, has a reasonably good performance, although this component is not con- sidered as important. Therefore, this item lies on the ‘strategic overkill’ zone in Figure 10.4. These findings are consistent with the qualitative analysis. In regard to the sector profile,… Read More »

Summary of the Company Profile (Australia)

ated varied across all categories. For these Web sites, the highest score was obtained for the agreement phase and the final section, but it was scored less than one by the participants. Thus, most participants were not satisfied with these sites in general. These observations were confirmed by the subsequent qualitative analyses conducted by the… Read More »


INTRODUCTION   The advance of the Internet technology has enabled businesses to easily reach consumers in dis- persed geographical locations. Despite some concerns with security issues, the use of online shop- ping has been increasing in the last few years (Australian Retailers Association 2000, Park et al. 1998, Morgan 1998). An Internet business application that… Read More »

Affective reactions to online shopping phenomenon

Traditionally, affective reaction consists of three dimensions: arousal, pleasure, and dominance (Russell and Pratt 1980; Mehrabian and Russell 1974; Huang 2003). In this collection of studies, all three are studied to some extent, yet few studies cover all three at the same time except Huang (2003). Pleasure received more attention than the other two dimensions.… Read More »


INTRODUCTION   Business-to-consumer (B2C) electronic commerce has emerged in recent years as an important way of doing business. According to ePayments Resource Center (2004), the total B2C e-com- merce revenues for the United States increased from $75 million in 1999 to $750 million in 2003. Similarly, Europe’s B2C revenues grew from U.S. $25 to $60… Read More »